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As We May Think is an essay written by Vannevar Bush, published in July 1945. Bush expressed his concern for the direction of scientific efforts during that time and a desire for a collective memory machine, which he later coined "memex". His idea conceptualized an adjustable microfilm viewer which is somewhat analogous to the structure of the World Wide Web. He also predicted new technologies that would later materialize into hypertext, personal computers, online encyclopedias and other.

On a similar line and on a smaller scale PoliticalPast.com aims to provide a collective memory for the decisions of today's political leaders. The main idea is to have a profile for each politician encompassing current and past events on which viewers can vote and voice their opinions thus actively shaping the approval of a political persona.

With time and an engaging community, we hope to provide a comprehensive overall view of politicians and reveal projections of their integrity, support and motivations. By accumulating case by case approval data we try to present a profile which merges actual decisions with the voice of the general public. Such information may be valuable for instance in evaluating electoral candidates based on more than just campaign promises.

This also enables communities around the world to give a more accurate feedback on their political environment in an easy and accessible way.

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