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Zeine Ould Zeidane is a Mauritanian economist and politician. He placed third as a candidate in the March 2007 presidential election, and he subsequently served as Prime Minister from April 2007 to May 2008.
Born in Tamchekett, Zeidane studied in Nouakchott, then at the University of Nice in France. He taught briefly at the University of Nice before returning to Mauritania, where he taught at the University of Nouakchott before entering banking. In 2000, he was posted to the World Bank, leaving the position in September 2006 because of his presidential candidacy.
Zeidane announced his candidacy on December 18, 2006. In the presidential election, which was held on March 11, 2007, he was the youngest candidate, On March 17, Zeidane announced his support for Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi in the second round of the election.
Abdallahi won the second round, held on March 25, and on April 20, one day after he took office as President, Abdallahi named Zeidane as Prime Minister. Zeidane took office on April 21. Zeidane's new government was named on April 28; it included 28 members and was composed of technocrats who were largely considered obscure figures. Three of the ministers appointed were members of the ... » Read more on Wikipedia.org

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