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Yuri Mikhailovich Baturin, is a Russian cosmonaut and former politician.
Baturin graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1973, and is the former head of National Security; he is also an author in constitutional law. Baturin was also a cosmonaut who flew on two missions.
His first spaceflight, sometimes called Mir EP-4, was launched with the spacecraft Soyuz TM-28 13 August 1998, and landed with Soyuz TM-27. He was a Research Cosmonaut for this mission, which lasted for 11 days 19 hours 39 minutes. His second spaceflight was ISS EP-1, which was launched with the spacecraft Soyuz TM-32 on April 28, 2001, and landed with Soyuz TM-31. This mission was notable as carrying to first paying space tourist Dennis Tito. For this mission he was designated a Flight Engineer; the mission lasted for 7 days 22 hours and 4 minutes.
He married Svetlana Veniaminovna Polubinskaya, (born 1954); they had a daughter, Alexandra Yurievna Baturina, (born 1982), a student at the Moscow State Academy of Law. » Read more on Wikipedia.org

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