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Tim Mudde, also known as Brigadier M or Sassem Tim, is active within the right wing radical movement in The Netherlands. He was party secretary of the Centre Party '86 (an offshoot of the Centre Party) and like many other senior members of this party became active for Voorpost. Later he founded the nationalist mail order company Fenris and the nationalist internet radio station Radio Rapaille. He plays in the Rock Against Communism (RAC) band Brigade M and the Feyenoord themed Oi! band Foienoord. He presents a weekly radio show called Dietse Dinsdag ("Dietslandish Tuesday") for Radio Rapaille. He is the older brother of the renowned political scientist Cas Mudde, who studies rightist movements.
In 1996 Mudde was one of the two founders of Brigade M, which initially was called Brigade Mussert referring to the personal bodyguards of ... » Read more on Wikipedia.org

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