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Tatyana Borisovna Yumasheva is a daughter of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin; she was trained in computer science.
She worked at the Salyut Design Bureau and later at Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center until 1994.
Yeltsin made her his personal advisor in 1996 when his re-election campaign was faltering. A memoir written by Yeltsin, as reported by the New York Times credited her with advising against "banning Communist Party, dissolving Parliament and postponing presidential elections" in 1996. She was particularly influential as Yeltsin recovered from heart surgery in late 1996. She became the keystone in a small group of advisors known as "The Family," although the others (Alexander Voloshin and Valentin Yumashev) were not Yeltsin relatives. Boris Berezovsky and other oligarchs were often included in the group as well.
In 2000, Dyachenko's name came up during a corruption investigation, but no charges were brought. Dyachenko remained on the staff of Yeltsin's hand-picked successor Vladimir Putin, and was a key adviser to him during his 2000 election campaign, but Putin fired her later that year.
Dyachenko was portrayed in the 2003 satirical comedy ... » Read more on Wikipedia.org

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