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Oscar Baylón Chacón is a Mexican politician, member of theInstitutional Revolutionary Party and served as Senator of the Republic and Governor of Baja California.
Oscar Baylón Chacón is an agronomist graduate of the Escuela Superior de Agricultura "Hermanos Escobar" in Ciudad Juárez, since his expense he was transferred to Baja California where he initiated a political career that carried him to be director of works of the territory, municipal president of Tecate from 1959 to 1962, director of land registry, deputy congressperson of Baja California from 1965 to 1968 and chief clerk of the government.
In 1976, he was chosen Senator of the Republic charge that performance until 1982 and on January 6, 1989 was appointed Governor of Baja California to replace Xicoténcatl Leyva Mortera, during the 9 months of his administration he concluded mainly works hydraulics for improve the supply of water of the main cities of the state. » Read more on Wikipedia.org

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