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Leticia Ramos-Shahani is a Philippines Senator and writer. She was born on September 30, 1929 in Lingayen, Pangasinan. Her father, Narciso Ramos, was a lawyer, crusading journalist and 5-term legislator of the House of Representatives, who eventually rose to the position of Secretary of Foreign Affairs. As such, Narciso Ramos was the Philippine signatory to the ASEAN declaration forged in Bangkok in 1967 and was one of the founding fathers of the Liberal Party. Her mother, Angela Valdez-Ramos (1905–1977), was an educator, woman suffragette and daughter of the respected Valdez clan of Batac, Ilocos Norte making her a second degree cousin to Ferdinand Marcos.
She is the sister of Fidel V. Ramos the 12th President of the Philippines. » Read more on Wikipedia.org

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Aquino signs order renaming South China Sea
Earlier, former Senator Leticia Ramos Shahani, including former defence, energy, foreign affairs and natural resources officials and members of the academe, released to Aquino and other government officials an 11-page “white paper” which called for “a ...
  1. Aquino urged to come up with comprehensive plan to protect PH claim to Spratlys
  2. Expert group offers national policy on West PH Sea

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Contemporary PHL diplomacy book launched at DFA
Leticia Ramos-Shahani, former Foreign Affairs Secretary Domingo Siazon Jr., Lauro Baja Jr., Rodolfo Severino Jr., Rafael Seguis, Alfonso Yuchengco, Henrietta de Villa, Reynaldo Arcilla, and Jose Zaide. — JE, GMA News.
  1. DFA, FSI, Anvil Launch “Frontlines of Diplomacy” Book